Aikido Adelaide welcomes beginners, as well as all levels of Aikido practitioner.

The classes are taught by Matt Teale sensei (5th dan - awarded by Hombu dojo).

Matt Teale has been training in Aikido since 1986 and had a successful Aikido school in Athens, Greece for 8 years before leaving for Adelaide.

He started his training at Birmingham and Aston University Dojos with Chris Mooney shihan (7th dan) and then after acheiving 1st dan (black belt), studied full time for 1 year in the teacher training course under T. K. Chiba shihan (8th dan) in San Diego. On returning to Europe, he moved to Greece where he was one of the founders of the Hellenic Birankai, of which he was chairman until he left.

Aikido Adelaide is affiliated to the Australasian Aikikai which is recognised directly by hombu dojo in Japan (Internation Aikido Federation).